• 8th Graders MUST HAVE signed permission slip to leave early on Wednesday!
  • Promotion on Wednesday @ 3 PM BE AT BPHS BY 2 PM!!
  • Celebration of Awesome & Promotion Practice on Tuesday
  • No School Monday in Honor of Memorial Day
  • Remember to Wear Your ID Lanyard at All Times
  • Stallions are Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn!

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FlexiSched is our new scheduling system for SADL Up Tutorials.  Teachers will list their tutorial subjects, and students will sign up for where they will...

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas
  • Speech Contest Winners
  • Championship Debate Tournament!
  • Regionals Review!
  • Sunny Hills Color Guard
  • Environmental Organizations Worth Donating To
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Robert Valdez, Staff Writter

The NBA regular season is over. The best 8 teams of each conference are going to the playoffs! The playoffs are going to be exciting a lot of emotion, game winners, and tight games. So far only 4 teams have moved on to the second round. The Portland Trailblazers, Milwaukee Bucks, Boston Celtics, and Houston Rockets have all moved on. The Trailblazers...

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Janessa Leal, Author

On July 21,Toy Story 4 will be in theaters. It will be following the storyline from the other 3 great childhood comedies, but it will be introducing some new characters and reuniting our favorite couple Bo Beep and Woody. One of these new characters is a spork named Forky. While on a road trip, the toys' new owner, Bonnie, creates a new toy with...

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8th Grade Donations

Prysilla Ahn, staff (writer)

8th Grade Stallions -- our school would like to thank everyone who went to the recent movie night and joined in the raffle. Thanks to that, we earned $2,250 for the promotion party! However, we still need $1800 to make the party happen. If the 8th graders...

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