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1st Place Native Plant Garden and Trout Raising

BPJH Garden wins 1st Place

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Avengers Infinity War Review

Ricardo, Writer

Howdy, I have seen the movie, Avengers Infinity War. In my opinion, I thought the movie was VERY emotional. It was a vey good movie, I hope you get to see it one day. A lot actors were in this movie and a lot superheros were in this movie.  It has been...

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America’s Got Talent New Season

Montana Paxton, Staff Writer

“America’s Got Talent” is renewed for another season on May 29, at 8:00 PM. “America’s Got Talent” is basically a talent show full of comedy, suspense, and amazing acts that will blow your mind. During the season the judges will determine...

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catherine brolin :'), staff writer

in·die /ˈindē/ adjective (of a pop group, record label, or film company) not belonging to or affiliated with a major record or film company. The music genre "indie" has recently become popular with its airy and mellow...

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