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  • Sports Practice is Tuesday & Wednesday
  • Remember to Wear Your ID Lanyard at All Times
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FlexiSched is our new scheduling system for SADL Up Tutorials.  Teachers will list their tutorial subjects, and students will sign up for where they will...

Flash Season 6

Caden Oh, Staff Writer

In the new season of the Flash, the whole Flash family will continue to grieve about their beloved speedster, Nora West-Allen's,  (Jessica Parker Kennedy) death. She died from the time paradox catching up with her, when she went back it time to see her...

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National Live Creative Day!

Alyssa Moreno Montes, Staff Writer

On September 14, it is official National Live Creative Day!  Instead of being indoors and playing video games, get some fresh air, do fun projects, and finger paint.  Let out all your imagination into art. Let it take you away to a far away land where...

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National Read a Book Day

Shayla Carolino, Staff Writer

September 6, 2019 is National Read a Book day. It is an annual event that happens once a year. It is Nation Book Lovers Day on August 9 which is similar to National Read a Book day. National Read a Book day invites everyone to get a Book and spend some...

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