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Destiny 2 Season of the Undying
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FlexiSched is our new scheduling system for SADL Up Tutorials.  Teachers will list their tutorial subjects, and students will sign up for where they will...

Andrea Verganza, Staff Writer

Have you ever heard of the story of La Llorona? Also known as the Weeping Woman, the story begins with a woman named Maria, who was blessed with beauty.  She fell in love with a wealthy man, although his father disapproved of Maria because she was a peasant. They didn't care, and got married and had two beautiful sons. However, one day, Maria saw her...

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Jasmine Mercado, Staff Writer

It Chapter Two releases date was on September 6, 2019 it was based on the book "IT" by Stephen King. IT Chapter Two was a prequel to the movie "IT", released 2017, and was a recreation of the original film from 1990's. The main characters from this movie are Bill, Richie, Beverly, Ben, Stanley, Mike, and Eddie. This group of characters is called the...

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SEVENTEEN’s New Release, An Ode

Emily Choi, Staff Writer

On September 16, 2019, SEVENTEEN released their album, "An Ode".  In the album there are 11 songs, "HIT," "Lie Again," "Fear," Let Me Hear You Say"," "247"," "Second Life," "Network Love," "Back It Up, Lucky," "Snap Shoot," and "Happy Ending."  Like...

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