Chess Club


image via wikipedia by Alan Light

Clark Hartman, Staff Writer

Chess Club is now meeting on Wednesdays during Tutorial in Room 46 with Mr.Gomez. Make sure to sign up quickly before all the spots fill up! You’ll meet exciting new people, and you can learn to play chess if you don’t know already. You can challenge a friend to game of speed chess: a challenging game where your thoughts are up against time. You can also sign up for ranked tournaments to test your skill and try to climb up the national leaderboard. But wait, there’s more! Not only can you test your skill  in ranked tournaments, you have the opportunity to test your might within the nation’s best and travel to Florida this year for the ranked tournament nationals. Talk to Mr. Gomez if you want to join. But first, there are a few steps to go over before you can attend these ranked tournaments.

To attend the ranked tournaments, you need a US Chess membership. A one year membership is $17  for a plain membership for one year. They also have other packages, which vary between age groups, membership lengths, and premium memberships. These memberships can range between $20 t0 $40. But that alone is just for tournament participation. Nationals, on the other hand, is an entirely other matter. To participate within Nationals, you not only need the US Chess membership, but a $500 down payment is required as well to participate within the national tournaments. But don’t give up now, there are other options. At the ranked tournaments they will have unranked matches for those who cannot afford the membership. And for Nationals, there is always fundraising — you can talk to a teacher about fundraising or you can fundraise by yourself.