STEM Sailing


Ahtziri and Lizbeth on the edge of their boat.

Ahtziri Marin-Fonseca, Staff Writer

STEM Sailing is a fun program where students go sailing in sailing boats and learn a lot about the water, wind, ropes, and things about weight, etc. You need to get invited first, to join, but it is a really great opportunity and maybe even a once in a lifetime thing, if you barely go to the beach or anything that has to do with water.

Later in the year you’ll have an option if you want to do swimming lessons, even if you can swim or not. The reason for the swimming lessons is if you want to do a 1-week summer program at the summer Aquatics Center which is the Explorer Scouts, part of Boys Scouts of America — but don’t worry, girls are invited!!   On the last Field Trip you go on this big boat and go into the middle of the ocean (well almost). This program is mostly for AVID students but it can be for everyone, you just have to get an orange packet meaning you’re invited.

For the students who are already in STEM Sailing there will be a field trip on September 18 for you guys where one of your parents can come with you and they can see what kinds of activities you do, or if you’re new, what you will be able to do. Your first Saturday trip will be on October 5. You will need to be at the bus area by 12pm. It will explain everything on the form you will get and you will also get all the dates for the whole year for this program. If you’re new you will have a blast with STEM Sailing, but if you don’t make it to 2 field trips, unless you have a really really good excuse, you get kicked out and another person on a list gets to take your spot.