Yearbook Committee!

Alyssa Moreno Montes

What’s the yearbook committee you say? The yearbook committee is a fun and expressive way for students to let out their creativity all through the school. Students go around school taking pictures of events such as the school dances, assemblies, and other fun events that happen. All these images are put in the yearbook for memories as the school year goes on. Students must sometimes sacrifice their lunch time to make posters or sell yearbooks, but it is worth it!

A yearbook isn’t just any ordinary book. Yearbooks have been around for so many years. Even as you grow older and make new friends one day you could stumble upon someone from your elementary that you had recognized but didn’t know exactly who. You could go back to your yearbook and recognize that she was your old best friend or your friend’s sister, it doesn’t matter. You get the point, you never know what can happen. Yearbook is fun and all, but it teaches you to be responsible, trustworthy, and to be committed to an activity. You must always attend Yearbook Committee meetings on Tuesday Tutorial, unless a teacher requests you. Also you must keep your grades up, with no D’s or F’s. If you skip or don’t attend Yearbook Committee for three days or more out of the whole year, then you will be kicked out of the club. Stop by next Tutorial and check out the Yearbook Committee!