Tech tips


Clark Hartman, Staff Writer

Having trouble with your iPad? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Bookmarking or Adding to Home Screen

The first topic we’ll be going over is how to favorite websites in Safari. The first step to doing this is to open Safari, then you’ll have to enter the website address into the browser. Once the website button opens, you’ll need to press the upload button (sometimes called a “share-row”).  It should be next to the “add page” button and looks like a rectangle with an arrow coming out of the top. When you press it you’ll be given different options on the bottom row.  If you want this website to be on your default browser screen by Google, press the one with a star. This will then let you name the link, and it will add it to your browser screen. If you just want to have the website in your bookmarks, then press the button with an open book. If you add the website to your browser screen it will have already sent it to your bookmarks and added it to the favorite section. If you want the website to be on your actual home screen with your apps  then you’ll need to scroll to the bottom row until you see the button with an app silhouette that has a plus on it. Pressing this button will allow you to name the  app and will forward the shortcut link to your home screen.

If you found none of that helpful, and you actually have problems with your iPad, I’m sorry; but this section will actually help you and maybe you’ll learn a few tips!

Closing App Windows

  1.  If your internet is slow, close your app windows.
  2. You might have heard some people say turning off your VPN will help, but that is not the case. Your VPN is there to protect your identity. Think of it as an extra firewall to help from people stealing your personal information. So, instead of doing that, close your windows by double clicking your home button. Swipe up on the unnecessary windows to close them. If this does not work, try turning off the iPad fully by holding down the off button for five seconds and swiping the power off bar to the right. If none of these worked, check to see if your iPad is updated. Ask your teacher if you need to use your iPad, and if not — go ahead and update it, in PE or during lunch.  If even that doesn’t work, go to the library and the librarian will help.

Microsoft Login Issues

If the problem you have is your Microsoft login, then here are a few tips on how to login. If the regular login is not working and it asks you to update it ,make sure to change it only slightly like adding your first initial to the end (example:#BP123456J). If that does not work, go to the Library for assistance!