It Chapter 2 review

Jasmine Mercado, Staff Writer

It Chapter Two releases date was on September 6, 2019 it was based on the book “IT” by Stephen King. IT Chapter Two was a prequel to the movie “IT”, released 2017, and was a recreation of the original film from 1990’s. The main characters from this movie are Bill, Richie, Beverly, Ben, Stanley, Mike, and Eddie. This group of characters is called the Losers Club.

In the first movie, the Losers Club defeats Pennywise and they all took a blood oath that if Pennywise returns in 27 years, they will all return to their town Derry to defeat him again. Pennywise feeds on fear and he makes appear what you’re scared of the most.  For example, Bill’s worst fear and regret was not being with his brother before he went missing. Pennywise mocks Bill by hurting a kid in front of him so he can feel guilty for what happened to the kid and go into a blind rage. Pennywise wanted to mock him so he could get mad and try to defeat him by himself and Pennywise knows that only one could ever defeat him. That’s where the movie begins — they all return to Derry except for Stanley. They all found out the farther they moved from Derry, the more they forgot about what happened, and when they returned they all started to remembered that summer. They headed to the place they defeated him before, and they try a ritual to finally trap him once and for all, but it didn’t work.

Pennywise was about to hurt Richie, but Eddie threw a metal spear into Pennywise mouth Eddie was convinced that he finally defeated him. Eddie was celebrating that he was brave, but out of nowhere Pennywise killed Eddie when he wasn’t looking. Richie was devastated as well as the rest of the Losers Club and they figured out to defeat him they had to make him small and the way to do that was to insult him. I personally recommend watching the film , but if you’re more interested in a horror movie I don’t recommend this movie because it isn’t scary.