La Llorona

Andrea Verganza, Staff Writer

Have you ever heard of the story of La Llorona? Also known as the Weeping Woman, the story begins with a woman named Maria, who was blessed with beauty.  She fell in love with a wealthy man, although his father disapproved of Maria because she was a peasant. They didn’t care, and got married and had two beautiful sons. However, one day, Maria saw her husband with a younger woman. Out of her rage, she got her children and took them to the river. She drowned her children out of rage, but when she came to her senses, she realized what she had just done. After she died, she went to the gates of Heaven, but God told her she was’t allowed in until she found the souls of her two sons. Now she goes out late at night and looks for her sons. She would take kids that are out at night and take them to the gates of heaven.

This is a folk tale that is popular with Hispanic culture — my dad’s family in Guatemala and my mom’s in Mexico both tell it to keep the kids from going outside at night.  Hope you enjoyed!