Destiny 2 Season of the Undying

Destiny 2 Season of the Undying

Clark Hartman, Staff Writer

Starting on October 1st Destiny 2 will have a new DLC and free to play version.e of the new Shadow Keep expansion. Along with Shadow Keep Destiny will become free to play with the release of Destiny 2 New Light. 

Shadow keep

With the release of Shadow Keep players will travel back to the moon, a destination that hasn’t been seen since the first Destiny game. Along with the return of the moon, Eris Morn (a character from Destiny that disappeared at the beginning of Destiny 2) will return to be the Moon’s vendor. You’ll be able to attain the new Gate Lord item that can boost your power level and give you new finishers, a type of flashy close range attack.

The season will start with the Vex invasion, a race of robots from the future that have come to take over. It will then introduce Eris Morn’s discovery on the moon and the revival of foes from your past. These will include the return of Crota, the son of a hive god, and Dominus Gaull the main antagonist from the Destiny 2 Red War campaign. Shadow Keep will include a new reward pass similar to popular a Battle Royale game. Along with the DLC there will be a new raid that takes you back to the Black Garden another destination returning. A new type of enemy called Nightmares will be in the new Nightmare Hunt game type. These nightmares will be the revived enemies you will need to face. The new weapons will be covered in medallions that will glow when you’re close to these nightmares. The Shadow Keep DLC will cost $35 dollars on its own. The deluxe version will be $60 and includes Shadow Keep and the year three annual pass.

Destiny 2 New Light

On the same day of Shadow Keep‘s release Destiny 2 New Light will come out as well. This will be the free version of Destiny 2 I mentioned earlier. When create a new character with New Light you’ll start with the tutorial mission from Destiny 1 at the cosmodrome in Old Russia. After completing this mission you’ll be sent to the tower and will be given full 750 light level armor and guns as well as access to all planets, activities, and endgame content. New light will include Curse of Osiris, Warmind, and The Red War campaigns. You’ll even be able to visit the moon without buying Shadowkeep. However, you will not be able to play the Forsaken and Shadow keep campaigns though.

Be ready because both of these will be available for purchase on Tuesday, October 1st.