Ballet Folklorico

Kayla Soto-Acosta, Staff Writer

Ballet Folklorico is coming to Buena Park Junior High! Want to join?

If you do, you can sign a paper in the office on Ms. Clark’s door. In about a week or less, you will be given a permission slip to fill out. Practices will be every week on Thursday; starting at 1:45 pm until 4:pm. You must bring a water bottle and a snack, considering you will be there for a while. This program will have 2 quarters. The first quarter of this program will be 10 weeks long. (Until around winter break) If you can, you should definitely join!  If not, see if you can join the next quarter!

Ballet Folklorico was invented by a woman named Amalia Hernández in the 1960’s. Ballet Folklorico is a traditional dance that originated in Mexico. This form of dance represents the beauty of of the Mexican culture.

Practices start on Thursday, October 10!  See you!