Silverado Days

Clark Hartman, Staff Writer

It’s almost here already! The annual Silverado Days weekend festival is coming back on Friday, October 18 until Sunday, October 20. It will have the regular activities including rides, food, and a bunch tents where random people will try to sell you things.


Just like every year there will be rides filling up the park. These rides will include various fun houses with different attractions that would suit people depending on your age there will be one for most people to enjoy. Along with those there will be a lot of spinning things, and when I say a lot I mean about half the rides. There are spinning bears, spinning cups, spinning “something that is relevant in todays media.” Oh, and there’s a Ferris wheel, that spins (see I told you). So be ready as there will be a lot of spinning.

Tents with people selling stuff 

Yes, there will be tents selling things. It’s like a giant swap meet but it’s not, and it’s “mostly” all new stuff. Anything that you could be looking for is probably there. People will be selling various things that you would not think of finding. They could be selling anything such as food, toys, and even clothes. Yes, there could be food, because we all know that’s the only thing we all care about.


Yes, there is food, who would have thought the most exciting part would be the food. There will be various food groups including Mexican and American classics. There will be a pancake breakfast on Sunday the 20th. Look around when you go because you could find your new favorite food just sitting there waiting to be found. So go look around and try everything (there’s also a tent usually that sells entire trays of cobbler and whipped cream).’

So here’s all you need to now if you only read this. Lots of spinning rides, people selling stuff and the food is probably the most exciting part!