Tech Disaster :(

image by Hiba Baloch

image by Hiba Baloch

Hiba Baloch, Staff Writer

October 1st, 2019-The great tech disaster at its height. Nobody likes this at ALL! If you thought slow internet was bad, having no Wi-Fi was horrible, and living without your phone could kill you, that’s nothing compared to what happened at BPJH today.

Connection had already been terrible since the beginning of the school year, but our students and staff worked through it, so it wasn’t too bad. Then it got a little more annoying, with even slower connection and websites taking at least more than 5 minutes to fully load. This is where it became a problem, when tech workers were informed of issues, and when the iconic Buena Park Junior High tech catastrophe began. Finally, the tech catastrophe grew, some students didn’t have their iPads, due to technical difficulties, and Canvas crashed and burned, which led us to the tech disaster. For us, I would say the tech disaster is comparable to the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, except it’s taking place at our school, and instead of buildings being destroyed, the internet connection was.

The absolutely “amazing” tech disaster escalated on September 30th, when the time suddenly disappeared from the classrooms, towards the end of 6th period. The morning of October 1st, we had no access to pretty much any of our dominant learning apps, and Wi-fi was not working. Canvas wasn’t cooperating, Safari was not able to connect to the Internet, and there were no bells to signal our next classes. Journalism could not get morning announcements up, and we could not type our stories on our laptops. This story was previously written on paper because of the entire tech disaster. Our usual announcements from Mr.Bagger over the PA weren’t working either. Students and staff are keeping their fingers crossed that connection comes back, and with it, faster connection, too.

The “old-school” approach to learning wasn’t considered “fun” by some students, but other students may have enjoyed it, and besides, it’s better to have a break from technology once in a while. We’ll see where this tech disaster us, but as now, we’re just trying to make the best of it.

October 3rd, 2o19- Two days later, we’ve found out that this has nothing at all to do with the school’s wifi at all. It was actually a power trip in the our school’s server, AT&T, and it wasn’t just our school, it was all the schools in the district!