8th Grade Trip to BPHS

Clak Hartman, Staff Writer

There will be a field trip for the 8th graders on October 21st. The field trip will be a trip to Buena Park High School to see what it will be like next year. There will be certain requirements however if you wish to go and see the school.


To go on the trip you will need to have no behavior problems, which include not wearing your lanyard with ID, chewing gum, or having your phone out instead of away and in your backpack. You can not have any disciplinary ODR’s turned into the office. You can also have no tardies, so you’ll have to get to class on time. So you will need to be a perfect student until the 21st of October.

Why go?

The field trip to Buena Park High School is a great excuse to go see the school before your first year there. Even if you are thinking about not going to that school, it will still be a good experience and might even change your mind. You will get to see the campus before hand and you might even get to meet some of your future teachers and see their classrooms. So, if you are thinking about going to that school next year or don’t know the right school to go to, this will be the a good idea to see if this school is right for you.

So if you think you’re a good enough student, or if you’re up to the challenge, give it a try. Buena Park High School might be the school where you decide your dream career and you might even make friends that you’ll stay in touch for the rest your life. So, give it a try, you won’t regret making this decision.