BPJH Football


2019 BPJH Football Team


BPJH Football, the 2019 Stallion Football team had a great season 4-1 but towards the end we started to fall apart the whole season was great except for the last game we did great in the beginning but its always the last game were everyone starts to mess up. Like Mr. Mays told us, “It’s not our day today.”  We just didn’t come out with our all — it was just surprising because every other game in the season we did good, but of course, the last game we lost 38-8.  But, we had a great season lead by Mr. Mays and hopefully he continues to coach our football next year.  He taught us good plays and was just a helpful and excellent coach.  All of us should be proud we had an amazing season!  Thank you, Mr. Mays, for coaching this years’ Stallion football and hopefully many more years!