Happy World Kindness Day!!!


Alyssa Moreno Montes

Happy World Kindness day!!! This is the day where kindness is spread to each and everyone around the world. Who ever brings their negativity hit them with kindness! This national day started in 1998. One of the first countries to celebrate this day were Canada, Japan, and Australia. The founder of this day actually lived in the UK. His name was David Jamilly. But the person who made it a national day in the calendar was Peter Garrett. He placed World Kindness Day on over 9,000 school calendars! This day them become popular over the years.

On this world day you can make new friends and get together with your community! But Kindness Day isn’t just about friends and family. It’s also about giving kindness to the environment as well. Even though the environment is not a human like us, it is still a part of our world. You can spread kindness to the environment by picking up any loose trash on the floor, on sidewalks or parks. You can also stop using your car for the day. Get out and start walking. Australia celebrates this day by giving over 45,000 colorful flowers to all the people in the country.This will help the environment out because it will be less pollution to the atmosphere. No matter what you do get out and spread some kindness!