BPJH Stallions 1st Soccer Game

Niko Mendez

BPJH Soccer, we had a great game! We barely won  — our savior was Emanuel.  He had a nice banger shot which barely made it over the goalie, but overall, we all did great. We came out with our all and Nicolas’ team did, too.   We just came out better, because we had more opportunities to shoot.  They had some too but we also had a better goalie, Jeremiah.   He blocked good shots that almost went in, and their goalie did well, but our forwards and mid fielder were just too much for him, which gave us many opportunities.  The goal by Emanuel was a long shot and the goalie got caught falling asleep, then after that, there was a ball that bounced up, then I had a nice header to Kevin — but he was offsides and the ball barely went over the goal. I think we did great and like I said, we were just the better team that game.  The final score was 1-0. Great Job Stallions!!