Black Friday Chaos!!!


Alyssa Moreno Montes

We all know how it gets on Black Friday. It’s the time where we rush our Thanksgiving dinner just to go get some door buster deals. November 26 marks the permanent spot for the most chaotic holiday ever! Right at six o’clock many stores open doors to thousands of bargain shoppers who are waiting to steal the deals. At these times all these precious people become wild animals trying to snatch anything with an amazing price. But some of these people get a little carried away, like fighting for items and stealing items from carts. If you see any of those people please report it to an employee. This can be a good way to prevent any conflicts or issues from starting.

When going Black Friday shopping, please have an adult with you at all times. Since there will be many people, you can easily get lost.  Also, if you see any children with no parents, please help them out by finding their parents or telling an employee.  Millions of stores are participating in this holiday, such as Best Buy, Target, and Walmart. Even cyber stores such as Amazon participate in Black Friday deals.

In 1869, it was the first time it was recognized as Black Friday. The founders of this amazing event were Jay Gould and James Fisk. They were store owners who wanted to give their buyers something special by having out of this world deals. Ever since this day, it has spread all around the world. So get out there and steal the deals!