Great American Smoke Out Day

Emma Chagollan

The Great American Smoke out is an unofficial holiday aimed at encouraging citizens to quit or plan to quit smoking. If you have a family member who has this habit, try to encourage them to quit smoking for at least a day. November 21st was promoted by American Cancer Society in an effort to decrease cases of cancer, lower secondhand smoke, and improve the health of all Americans.


What is smoking?

Smoking is a habit that involves use of tobacco smoke, which has been shown to cause cancer, like lung and mouth cancer. Lung cancer is currently the leading cause of cancer death in the United States and the most preventable type of cancer worldwide. Vaping also can cause cancer in a way smoking does, too. Vaping just one juul has the same amount of nicotine of just smoking one packet of cigarettes. Vaping has nicotine that can get you addicted so on this day, it is a great time to try to quit vaping.