Mickey Mouse’s Birthday!


Mickey Mouse

Kalayah Morrell

Mickey Mouse’s birthday is coming up! It is on November 18th. We all know who Mickey Mouse is or, at least you should. He is the one everyone grew up with and probably had at least a year where you were obsessed with him. Well, Mickey Mouse’s official Birthday is coming, so be prepared for the epic celebrations.

Mickey Mouse’s Birthday isn’t just this day for nothing. There was history behind why it is this day. November 18 (Mickey’s birthday) was the day that the short film Steamboat Willie was released. In the 1920’s Disney studios was creating cartoon characters for Universal Studios and the most popular one was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. This series of characters were getting more popular by each second so, Walt Disney asked the producer Charles Mintz for a budget raise. He refused and then told Walt that he would cut his budget by twenty percent! Walt refused but Mintz told him that all his characters were legally belonging to Universal Studios and so were his animators. Walt Disney had no other choice but to continue his work on his own. As soon as he was free, he made a new Disney Series and got new animators. One of his animators was Ubbe Eert Iwerks, and in 1928 Ub made a collection of sketches that were dogs, cats, horses and cows. Walt hated all of them, but then Ub made a mouse that was originally named Mortimer Mouse, and he liked it. Then Walt Disney’s wife, Lily Disney saw the mouse and its name and disliked it so much she ordered Walt to change his name, and he did. He changed it to the fabulous Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse is the best cartoon character that has ever existed and everyone knows it; so, just celebrate Mickey’s Birthday whether it is spending the day watching Disney movies or going to Disney World. Here’s a quote you should live by. “Laughter is timeless, Imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.” -Walt Disney