2.0 Requirement!

Alyssa Moreno

In order to attend after school sport games, you must have a 2.0 or higher. The reason for this is because when we have stallions attending the games when instead, they should be doing homework or raising their grade up. It takes after the school that no matter what grade you have you can come. Another reason why is, it can help academics grow more and more because when a fun activity is being taken away from the student. Maybe friends in the team want them to come, so it will make then thrive to get a better grade. It’s a win win for everyone. Lastly, another reason why this is a requirement is because sometimes when the game is being played some Stallions are yelling and screaming like they are crazy wild animals! They are acting disrespectful and out of control. Not being a triple RRR student. Then when their grades are shown to teachers they are less then a 2.0.  They must then be excused from the game. But not all act that way, so to ensure everyone at the the game has their grades being a good 2.0 GPA anyone could get excused even when not being disrespectful.