Spies in Disguise!!!!!!


Hiba Baloch, Staff Writer

On Christmas Day, the entertainment industry will most likely be receiving an amazing movie from one of the best duos in animated film history!

Spies in Disguise is sure to be a fun (and hilarious) ride for all ages alike, and the main characters are played by 2 phenomenal, well-loved actors, both of which have mind-blowing talent.  Agent Lance Sterling will be voiced by the one and only; Will Smith, who has played our beloved genie, in 2019’s live action version of Aladdin! He also made his appearance as Deadshot in Suicide Squad, and recently starred in the most interesting Gemini Man. Both of his children, Jade and Willow Smith are singers, whereas he and his wife are both actors.

Walter Beckket will be voiced by everyone’s favorite ”Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man”, none other than Tom Holland! Despite the fact that Tom is only 23 years old, he was quick to capture the hearts of fans everywhere when he made his debut as the Intelligent 15 year- old Peter Parker, who’s alter-ego was Spider-Man, alongside Iron Man(Robert Downey Jr.) in 2016’s Captain America:Civil War, when he was 19 years old. Since then, he has starred in five Marvel/Sony Films as Peter Parker. He is the eldest brother out of 3 other younger brothers in his family, Paddy, Sam, and Harry Holland(Sam and Harry are twins); Tom’s father is a comedian and his mother is a photographer. Slightly new to the film industry Tom is set to play in a variety of movies such as Chaos Walking, Onward, (The Voyage of Doctor) D0little, Cherry, The Devil All the Time, and so on.

Onto the Movie: Spies in Disguise portrays a story where a clumsy, socially awkward, 15 year old MIT graduate, as well as scientist and engineer must work together with Agent Lance Sterling, to find a way to reverse the fact that he (Lance), has become a pigeon, despite being exact opposites. Spies in Disguise is “flying” into theaters on Wednesday, December 25th, and even though it’s a whopping one hour and fourty-two minutes, it’s sure to be worth the time!!