Puerto Rico Earthquakes

Kayla Soto-Acosta

January 6th and 7th, Puerto Rico was  struck with multiple earthquakes. The earthquakes took out most of Puerto Rico’s electricity.  The first earthquake to start it all off, was a magnitude of 6.4, and affected most of Puerto Rico. The second earthquake was a magnitude of 4.7.

Jan 7th: There was a total of 10 earthquakes so far all across of Puerto Rico. People’s houses crashed.

Jan 8th: Another earthquake, magnitude of 4.7. People across the country are trying to head to Florida. Some airlines are offering flights that are affordable and instituting fare caps.

Jan 10th: This morning, José Andrés served more than 10,000 meals to the ones who were affected in the earthquakes. Puerto Ricans settled in earthquake shelters are refusing to go back home. Thousands of people are sleeping on the streets. A power plant was destroyed, they said it could take up to a year to restore.