Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order


Clark Hartman, Staff Writer

The newest Star Wars game released on November 15, of 2019. EA surprised most people when the game was not a physical let down. The single player melee-style action game broke away from EA’s stereotypical pay to win online multiplayer and brought us this 3rd person single player game that people are enjoying.

It follows the tale of Padawan Cal Kestis as he ventures through the Galaxy to uncover secrets of the past and grow with the force. Force visions will guide him with learning forgotten techniques and abilities. Travel on this path where you will learn to control the force and rebuild the Jedi Order.

Customization will go beyond just the color of your characters clothes. You will be able to customize your lightsaber from the all points. You will be able to customize the emitter/ switch/ sleeve/ and blade color. More customization options will come through the game. You will be able to use similar items to the customizable pieces from the lightsaber at Savi’s workshop. 

The game retails for $60 USD and is sold where ever video games are in stock.