BTS’ New Song Theory + Up-coming Album + New Tour

BTS' New Song Theory + Up-coming Album + New Tour

Desiree Ombao

BTS is releasing a new album on February 21, 2019! The BTS Fandom called , “ARMY” have been freaking out about the new album. The album title is called, “Map of the Soul: 7.”  On January 7th, 2020, The comeback title song had been released, “Interlude: Shadow.” The “Comeback Map,” gave fans a little hint to look forward too in the up-coming album. It is unclear how many songs will be in this album but BIGHIT Entertainment (BTS’ Company) have gave us 4 new songs that will be released before the album would come out. “Intro:7,” “BlackSwan,” “EGO,” and “Interlude Shadow.” BTS has also surprised fans with a up-coming tour in April 2020! When “Interlude: Shadow” was released, fans have made some theories about the meaning of the song. One theory comes from their previous album, “Map of the Soul: Persona.”  The intro song is “Persona.” Fans have point out the similarities between “Persona” and “Shadow.” “Persona” is a song of self reflecting song about the personality and character in us. Talking about a shadow that can overcome us and questioning ourselves, “is this the real me?” It’s a finding  yourself song. While “Shadow” is the complete opposite. Shadow talks about the big dreams and goals we want to have in life, while falling in a shadow of negativity. No matter where you go, that “shadow” will follow and some what destroy that positivity. The words included, “Yeah, I’m you, you are me, now do you know.” In “Persona,” rapper and leader, RM wrote in the song, “I just wanna fly.” While “Shadow,” from rapper, Suga, sings, “don’t let me fly, now I’m afraid.” It’s something that we have in us that makes us doubt ourselves and fall into a “dark hole,” full of negativity. Thankfully, when the album comes out, we can have a full opinion and guess the theme of this new era of BTS!