Fire Alarm!


Kalayah Morrell

Pulling the fire alarm is not okay. The sad part about it is how many people pull it for probably some dare. People are not scared anymore because everyone knows it is probably some random “cool” kid who pulled the fire alarm to show off. But what’s cool about pulling a little plastic thing, making a huge siren sounding noise go off then waste time standing in the heat on the grass waiting to go back in the air conditioned class?

When a real fire alarm goes off for an actual fire, no one will believe it and just take their time getting to the field, when there is an actual fire to be worrying about. People get lost in the crowds of people on the field and while some teachers are actually stressing about a student not in their class line, it always ends up being someone who just went to their friend to talk. People are stressing and worrying about students when there is no reason to at all. So why make people stress out over nothing?  All you’re doing is making yourself get a double lunch, when you know no one wants a double lunch — why would you risk to have one?

Don’t make this another version of the boy who cried wolf .  Just use the fire alarm for emergencies.