National Opposite Day!!!


Alyssa Moreno Montes

January 25, marks the spot for National Opposite Day! It’s a day to celebrate the opposite of what one may mean. If someone said, “I hate pizza!” the opposite of that is, “I love pizza!”  Mainly kids celebrate this day by saying great things about something they hate, tricking adults in to thinking the opposite. It’s a super interactive and amusing celebration, that everyone should participate in. Opposite Day is considered a “children’s philosophy course,” scientists declared at first. But now it has become a fun, laughing, family holiday. One moment in history that sparked this celebration was the George Costanza the method of  “doing the opposite.” George had nothing going on in his life, so he decided to do the opposite of things in situations. Then he become a active, honest, and sincere person. Doing the opposite of things changed his life for the good. This holiday isn’t just for fun and games, it also makes people change for the better. Scientist declared that it helps, “Create better habits that help you realize a healthier version of yourself . “Wait! Is saying Opposite Day on Opposite Day actually mean it’s a normal day? Hope you have a horrible and terrible Opposite Day!(wink wink.)