Awards Assembly!!!


Alyssa Moreno Montes

The BPJH stallions award assembly was on Friday, January 31. Congratulations to all stallions who received an award. These students demonstrated hard work throughout the two semesters. If you did not receive an award, don’t just give up right away. Keep trying your best every day to show them that you deserve to be up there getting an award.

The awards being handed out in the assembly were 4.0/3.o honor roll, Most Improved, Cleanest Classroom, and Outstanding Student.  Each award handed out matched the stallions just perfectly. If you had a 4.0 or 3.0 gpa then you should have a received an honor role award. If you got an award saying most improved from a certain subject then, that means from that specific class you have improved throughout the year, ever since the beginning of the quarter. The cleanest classroom goes out to the teacher who ha the neatest and most organized room where no trash can be found. It’s a very honoring and special award. Lastly there was Feature Teacher award.  Everyone is an amazing teacher. This award just acknowledges that one teacher who just stood out and made huge differences in making our school a better place! Again, cheers to all seventh and eighth grade students who won and received award on this special and happy day!