Gianna’s life


Kalayah Morrell

It is sad how legends and future legends lives end. You probably heard by now that on January 26th of 2020, the famous Kobe Byrant and his daughter Gianna died in a helicopter crash with other amazing people who had a long life ahead of them. You could just imagine what Kobe was saying to his daughter while they were going down. Kobe would have probably been fine if it was him alone dying but his daughter was a future legend and his only child who wanted to carry on the basketball legacy.

So, let me tell you a little bit about the famous Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant. She was raised with her older sister Natalia, and her two younger sisters Capri, and Bianka. Her mom, Vanessa, was a model and obviously you guys know her famous father, Kobe Bryant. She considered Kobe as a role model and cited him as a reason she wanted to play in the WNBA. She was the only daughter who actually wanted to follow Kobe’s legacy and be a professional basketball player.

Gianna played at Mamba Sports Academy at the level U-10 through U-15. She was also the only child who wanted to see the lakers games with her father. Kobe would always say how she was a female version of himself. Gianna says,”I just wanted to do whatever he did. I wanted to hang out with him all the time and just be hardcore. We were best friends.” She wanted to join the University of Connecticut women’s basketball team so, they paid tribute to Gianna Bryant Monday by laying out a UConn Husky jersey with the 13-year-old girl’s number, 2, and a bouquet of flowers at their game on January 27, 2020. Rest in peace Gianna Maria-Onore, Kobe Bryant, John Altobelli, Alyssa Altobelli, Keri Altobelli, Ara Zobayon, Payton Chester, Sarah Chester and Christina Mauser. We hope all of the victims of the Calabasas, California helicopter crash, enjoyed their lives in peace.