National Pizza Day!!!

Alyssa Moreno Montes

Who else loves pizza? Well then you guys will love February 9, because it sets the spot for National Pizza Day! Pizzas birth place was in southwest Italy, home to the Naples. But it was founded in around 600 BC as a Greek settlement. Back then Naples was a waterfront city, in the early 1800s.  It was known for their poor working habits due to there was so much work to be done. So they needed inexpensive food that could be eaten quickly. This is where pizza comes in, since pizza was a flatbread with toppings it fulfilled their needs for food. In 1861, Italy was visited by King Umberto and Queen Margherita. They were tired of eating the same French cuisine and tried Italys pizza. They fell in love with this tasty cheesy pizza. Then in 1940, news spread about this scrumpcious meal. Immigrants from the United States replicated the same flatbreads from Italy but in New York city. They were doing factory jobs but accidentally sparked something up. Then pizza started to become popular and spread throughout the world. Every person knew about the wonderful dish and wanted to get a tasting of it. Now today, we love and enjoy pizza through time. Pizza will never be forgotten, it lives on forever with its cheesy and crunchy crust. Happy National Pizza Day!!!