Debate Results!


Lindsey Hur, Staff Writer

Congratulations to our debate teams, because of their hard work the amount of awards they won for our school is really unbelievable! The topics this year were: Managed Retreat Plans are Bad for Coastal Communities, and Daylight Saving Time Should Be Permanent. The impromptu topic was, People Shouldn’t Make Jokes About Serious Issues.

As we can see, the topics were crushed by our amazing debaters. Our teams won 2nd place for overall school, and two of our teams in specific won team awards. The first team consisted of Amber Lee, Grace Yo, and Mackenzie Mauldin, who were undefeated and as a result won 5th place team. The second team was made up of Isaiah Jung, Julian Mondragon, and Alyssa Perez they won 13th place team. Individual speaker awards were also given out to many of our debaters, including Mackenize Mauldin (7th place), Isaiah Jung (19th place), Alyssa Perez (24th place), Julian Mondragon (26th place), and Amber Lee (38th place). Congratulations again to our stellar debate teams and we wish you luck in your future debates!