A Me Too Monopoly?


Clark Hartman, Staff Writer

The “Me, too” movement has been a common topic for the last couple of years, but did you know that even Monopoly is taking advantage of the publicity in their newest installment of the classic game Mrs. Monopoly. The main idea of the game is to take a twist on used topics during the “Me, too” movement specifically how men make more money than women in general. The rules have been twisted about so that now women have the upper hand. They not only make a higher salary when passing Go! but they start off the game with an extra $400 at the beginning of the game, which gives them an unfair advantage.

From the perspective I have on this, it seems only as a cash grab, and there are mixed reactions on this. Most people have found this different from the past joke versions like Monopoly for Millennials and Monopoly for Socialism, believing it is an attack on the game itself. Natalia Mora with The Ruff Draft said “The media representation can still prove harmful to children, indoctrinating them without the proper warrant. It could considerably manipulate the of Gen Alpha’s political alignments to the future. In any case the force-fed feel of the game’s motives sour gameplay, as most consumers agree upon.” (Mora p11).

That is only the opinion of the media, and I myself think the only true way to find your view on the game is to try it yourself.