Mrs. Andros, Teacher of the Year


Tiffany Elnitiarta, Staff Writer

“FAIL is really just your first attempt in learning,” Mrs. Andros tells her students. Mrs Andros believes in project based learning and luckily, the five classes she teaches all support her beliefs. Mrs. Andros is our 2020 Teacher of the Year and she is also the recipient of the Golden Dust Pan Award. On February 5, 2020, Mrs. Andros advanced to the county level for the Teacher of the Year and was recognized for everything she does for the students. She was awarded as one of the Top 10 Teachers in Orange County! Not only did she win Teacher of the Year, but she also won the Golden Dust Pan Award at BPJH for having the cleanest classroom! So remember, if you see Mrs. Andros around campus, make sure to congratulate her for her accomplishments.

Becoming Teacher of the Year is a huge deal, so I went to Mrs. Andros to ask her a few questions. But first, here is some of the things that Mrs. Andros does for our school. Mrs. Andros doesn’t teach just one class, she teaches five! Mrs. Andros teaches Robotics, Horticulture, Femineers, Advanced Robotics, and Coding. She also runs the Environmental Awareness Club, assists with Academic Pentathlon, started a Femineers club for the students who could not take the elective due to scheduling difficulties, works alongside Mr.  Travis to create our native garden and get his trout for his science class, and creates many tutorial opportunities to help clean up our campus! If you can’t tell, Mrs. Andros does A LOT for our school. Her reasoning for this is, “why not?” Mrs. Andros believes that if you have a passion for something, pursue it. Now, here is how her love for teaching began.

Did you know that most teachers never planned to be a teacher? Well, the same thing happened for Mrs. Andros. For the longest time, she was just a stay at home mom that volunteered in her children’s classes. Mrs. Andros always had a passion for horticulture (study of garden cultivation) and she knew Spanish. She would go to her kids’ classrooms and teach Spanish and assisted with GATE lessons about insects. When her daughter entered kindergarten, a job offer opened up as a TA and since she had experience with technology, they hired Mrs. Andros. However, she did not have a teaching credential and after finding her unknown passion, Mrs. Andros went back to college to get her degree. Throughout her life time, Mrs. Andros attended Fullerton College, Cal Poly Pomona, Hope International, Biola University, and University of Southern California. Once she got her teaching degree, she worked at Whittier Christian Elementary, but once her kids graduated, she moved to Buena Park Junior High for a challenge.

For the seventeen years she has been teaching, Mrs. Andros enjoys seeing all of the “ah-hah” moments that her students partake in. She enjoys watching them realize that they have the ability to do more. Mrs. Andros loves to help students and watch them grow from their weaknesses. All of her classes are project based so she is able to watch them interpret things differently. Mrs. Andros’ main motivation is that she loves it. Mrs. Andros always believes that if you love to do something, do it. Teaching is her love so she decided to pursue it. She also thinks the students are kinda cool ;). She loves to see the eagerness and hope in young people. She wants to inspire us to find our passions and wants to make sure that every student knows they have value. She wants students to be able to wake up in the future and be excited to work somewhere and do something that we love.

Lastly, Mrs. Andros has some advice for us students. She said to ALWAYS try your best and never forget that everyone is valuable. Never consider someone else to be less valuable that you and to be true to yourself. Finally, find your passion, you will not regret it.

Once again, if you see Mrs. Andros around school, congratulate her for her accomplishments! Our school is very lucky to have a teacher like her.