Femineers After School Program

Tiffany Elnitiarta, Staff Writer

This year, we have a new after school club opportunity. Due to scheduling changes this year, students can only have electives as their zero period. Because of this change, students that are taking full year electives cannot take some classes that they wanted to take. One of these classes is Femineers. Mrs. Andros, the Femineers teacher, wanted to give the girls who signed up for the class the opportunity to still learn about engineering. This led to her creating an after school program that allowed girls that could not take the elective along with other girls interested to enjoy the Femineers experience. Every Tuesday after school, they meet with Mrs. Andros to learn about engineering and to create projects to bring to the Femineers Summit at Cal Poly Pomona in April. Going on the Femineers trip is a great experience for students! For seventh graders, I definitely recommend taking Femineers in eighth grade.