Rese Reynes, Staff Writer

Twitter has been in the news lately for notifying the internet with some discouraging announcements. Vine, a social media platform, is going to be shut down. Here are the reasons why….


If you don’t know already, Twitter created Vine. But recently, Twitter has been struggling to be profitable, and because they weren’t making any more money off of their app, they didn’t have any finances to keep their staff. They announced that they were letting go of nearly 350 employees. This is one reason why Vine is shutting down.


People who got famous off of Vine or what they call ” Vine Stars” were a part of what made Vine so successful. It was easy to become a Vine star but as some Vine stars gained a large amount of following, they no longer or depended on Vine. Some thought that Vine wasn’t realistic if they truly wanted to be a successful internet celebrity. Most stars decided to start a career on a more stable, profitable platform; for example, YouTube, where many people are successful. And without Vine stars, the six second app had no one bringing in any advertisers.


    Considering that vines are so quick and snappy, advertisers never saw viable reason to sponsor Vine. Although it was  great for users, it was not so great for Vine trying to spread the popularity of the app. Marketers ultimately gave up on Vine since it wasn’t a very good advertising model, and instead they went to Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

But don’t worry, Twitter may be able to save Vine by selling it. So, maybe Vine might survive after all. They are currently setting up multiple term sheets from companies that are willing to buy Vine, and hoping to make a deal soon. Twitter has recieved a large number of bids. It’s now being decided who is going to run the app.

If you’re interested, check out Clevver News’ video of a few Vine stars saying goodbye…

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