The Best Technology of 2016

A.K.A Eulogizing 2016

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The Best Technology of 2016

Jonah Alagao, Junior Staff Editor

So like, I’m pretty sure you’re familiar with the “wonderful, great, fun, and ~awesome~ ” year, 2016. Now I mean, let’s be honest it probably wasn’t the best year for everyone, but I don’t know why it wouldn’t be, I’m not a mind reader, so y’know, I wouldn’t know in the first place, but even still it was a pretty great year. If you didn’t know already, we’re pretty advanced in technology, and with each great year, comes great technology, which leads us into ~The best technology of 2016~ (According to

Snapchat – Photography/Social Media
Spotify – Music
Yelp – Food/Business
Slack – Messaging/Social Media
WhatsApp – Messaging/Social Media
YouTube – Video/Social Media – Best Video app of 2016
Instagram – Photography/Social Media – Best Social Media app of 2016
Apple Music – Music
Twitch – Gaming/Social Media
Pandora – Music – Best Music app of 2016
SoundCloud – Music
VSCO – Photography/Social Media
Adobe Photoshop – Photography
Facetune – Photography
Audible – Reading
Twitter – Social Media
Pinterest – Social Media
Netflix – Video
Hulu – Video
HBO Go – Video
CrunchyRoll – Video
Uber – Transportation – Best transportation app of 2016
Lyft – Transportation
Tumblr – Blogging/Social Media

OnePlus 3 – Android/HTC 10 – Android/Motorola Moto Z – Android/iPhone 7 – IOS/Apple/LG G5 – Android/iPhone 7+ – IOS/Apple/Samsung Galaxy S7 – Android/Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Android/Motorola Moto Z Play – Android/Google Pixel – Android

Dell XPS 13/Asus ZenBook UX305/HP Chromebook 13/Taxes Blade Stealth/Samsung Notebook 9/Surface Book/HP Spectre/Samsung Notebook 7 Spin/HP Spectre x360/MacBook 2016/Lenovo Yoga 900/HP Chromebook 14/MacBook Pro 2016/HP Spectre x2/Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga

iPad Pro 9.7/Google Pixel/ CSamsung Galaxy Tab S2/iPad Mini 4/Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet/iPad Pro/Nexus 9/Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact/Microsoft Surface Pro 4/iPad Air 2/Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro/ Huawei MateBookSony Xperia Z6 Tablet/iPad Mini 5



So after reading all of the top technology in each of these categories, you should definitely check it all out. I mean technically it was cool last year… But hopefully it’s still relevant this year as well.

In conclusion, whether or not you liked 2016, we all have to admit that there was some pretty ~cool~ technology. And we’re sure to have an even BETTER ~Technologicalyear, in 2017.

Thanks for reading Stallions, and have a great day!