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Young Teen Leaving BPJH Over AirDrop


Catherine Brolin, Staff Writer

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Above you can find 2 images indicating AirDrop Locations & features.

What’s Poppin’ Stallions! I know what you’re thinking: this is clickbait. Then you are correct. Good for you! Want a Cookie? Buy one. But really, we need to bring the Airdrop situation into the light. I know many teachers and the District oppose this idea due to the many inappropriate pictures, messages, and videos being ‘AirDropped’ around campus last year.  I can completely sympathize with wanting it out, however AirDrop has many more benefits than drawbacks. Have you ever just wanted to AirDrop your assignment to your teacher? But had to depressingly wait for the email to send? Exactly.

Here are some quotes from fellow students:


“We shouldn’t have IPads if everything is restricted.” -Anonymous

“No AirDrop, No Life.” -Anonymous

“It prevents students to share information that is absolutely necessary in class.” -Anonymous

“I like AirDrop.” -Anonymous

“AirDrop is an easier solution.” -Anonymous

“BPJH needs AirDrop.” -The La Times (Just Kidding)

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Young Teen Leaving BPJH Over AirDrop