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Hurricane Maria

Maria Valenzuela, staff writer

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On September 20, 2017, Puerto Rico was in a mess with Hurricane Maria. It visited Puerto Rico as a very powerful Category 4 which had 155 mph winds. It started as a Category 1 and went to a Category 5 with in a 15 hour span. That is where it headed towards Puerto Rico and hit as a Category 4. It left most of the island without power, without running water, and no cell phone service. Trump is doing his best to go and help out Puerto Rico. Two weeks after Hurricane Maria, Trump went to go visit Puerto Rico.  Trump asked Congress to approve 4.9 billion in emergency relief efforts. It has been at least one month later, and Puerto Rico has still not fully recovered from the damage done.  Remember to bring a dollar on Tuesday, October 24, for the Disaster Relief Fundraiser for Hurricane Maria.

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Hurricane Maria