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Scary Movies and Books You Can Enjoy Through October

Here are a couple popular movies, tv shows, & books you should read through October!

Catherine Brolin & Kimberly Delgado, Staff Writer(s)

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We are currently in October, which means scary movies, books and tv shows. We will be showing you a bunch of must watch & reads below!

Movies/Tv shows:

It – (2017) [Also a book by Stephen King]

Annabelle: Creation – (2017)

Saw – (2004)

Child’s Play – (1988)

Curse of Chucky – (2013)

The Ring – (2002)

The Evil Dead – (1981)

The Shining – (1980) [Also a book by Stephen King]

Friday the 13th – (2016)

The Babadook – (2014)

Coraline – (2009) [Family Friendly]

Halloween Town – (1998) [Family Friendly]

The Nightmare Before Christmas – (1993) [Family Friendly]


Stranger Things – (2o16-17) [Netflix]

American Horror Story – (2011-17) [Netflix]

The Walking Dead – (2010-17)

Supernatural– (2005-17)

Scream Queens – (2015-16)

iZombie – (2015-17)

The Exorcist– (2016-17)




Goosebumps by, RL Stines

Mostly Ghostly by, RL Stines

Harry Potter by, JK Rowling

Carrie by, Stephen King

There Was An Old Lady That Swallowed A Bat by, Lucille Colandro

Clifford’s Halloween – Norman Bridwell

Aruthur’s Halloween – Marc Brown

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Scary Movies and Books You Can Enjoy Through October