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Debate Team

Jonah Alagao, Senior Editor

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Hey there! If you didn’t know already, we have an awesome debate team here at our school. Our debate team is considered an elective that takes place at seventh period, for 6th, 7th, and 8th graders. Our debate team participates in the Orange County Debate League (OCDL), and also in tournaments every couple months. Their teachers are Ms. Terhune and Ms. Gomez, and they research for their tournament topics everyday, and work to refine their skills and strategies.

Their most recent tournament was on the 28th of last month (October) on a Saturday, and it’s called the debate scramble. The debate scramble gives new debaters an opportunity to scramble with other schools in the league, by mixing up the students into teams of three (note that the students do not know eachother) and debate against other mixed teams. It’s pretty obvious, but our school’s results came out fantastic:

Joshua Cho: 19th place speaker, 9th place team

Akul Vohra: 11th place team, 24th place individual

Sean Hyun: 17th place team, 27th place individual

Krishna Thaker: 18th place team, 20th place individual

The debate team’s next tournament is on December 2, 2017 and it’s here at our school, from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, and the topics are:

1: Confederate monuments should be banned

2: The sale of human organs should be legal

3: School choice vouchers do more good than harm


So that’s about it for this article, and that’s about it for our debate team. Make sure that if you see a debate student, or have friends in debate, or you’re in debate yourself, give them or yourself a pat on the back for working hard and being able to keep up with societies issues and having intellectual discussions about them 🙂



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