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Krystal Ramirez, Staff Writer

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Atypical is a Netflix series about an 18 year old boy named Sam with autism spectrum disorder, who wants to start dating. But, it’s not as easy as you think — he has a crush on his therapist. To make things more complicate, a girl named Paige starts to talk to him little by little, until he figure outs that he likes her at a family dinner. Then, after that, he figured out that it’s different having a girlfriend, it’s a change and he’s not very good with change. Then, after some days he and Paige break up. But during that time his mom has journey, a change in her life, that Sam, her son, wants to start to be independent. On a night out with her friends, she meets guy that soon she has an affair with —  her daughter finds out and tells her father (in a way). And then, Sam breaks up with Paige and likes his therapist, who gets engaged to someone else. There is only 1 season and 9 episodes. Rumors have it the second season will be coming out soon.  This is a really good show that I have enjoyed and I recommend it!

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