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Top 10 Gifts For Male Teens

Brendan Ochs, Staff Writer

It’s that time of the year again. Christmas is right around the corner, and you’re trying to buy a gift for your buddy, but you don’t know what to get! So here is a list of 10 gift ideas for male teens to make your life easier.

1 – Skateboard

If you haven’t thought of this, then you have no place on this earth. Just kidding. But seriously, this would honestly be one of the easiest gifts to pick out for your buddy, wether he wants to learn how to ride a  skateboard, or is in need of a new one. Most skateboards are usually less than $100, so they’re not exactly cheap, but they can be affordable if you save up for one.

2 – GoPro

How about GoPro along with a skateboard? Why you ask? GoPro’s are very small and durable, and they have great camera quality. They even have super smooth slow motion capability , so you can film your buddy skateboarding and capture every detail of that sweet kick flip you pulled off, or that epic grind on that rail. They aren’t as cheap (Usually around $300), but again, if you’ve been saving up for a long time, and you’ve been doing your chores, then it will be a great gift along with a skateboard.

3 – A nice pair of earbuds/headphones

As teenagers, we really like our music, but why not hear them with a great sound? There are many great brands out there and plus, they’re affordable! (depending on the kind). So why not get you or your buddy a pair of earbuds? Easily a great gift you should definitely take into consideration.

4 – Hats

Yes, this is still a trend going though our teenage years. Hats are a great way to bring out the personality and style of a teen. They’re very affordable and stylish also! You can take them pretty much anywhere you go and look sharp in them.

5 – Shoes

Yup, we all know that it’s always about dem shoes nowadays. People wanna look cool with those new cool shoes, and they would make a great gift for a friend. No teenager can ever say, “No” to a fresh new pair of Vans, Adidas, Nike, Converse, you name it.

6 – Portable Speaker

Why not listen to music loud and clearly? I’m sure we all have that time where we just want to blast music out loud just for the fun of it, anywhere, anytime. It can easily be done with a portable speaker! You can get a loud, boomy sound system for only like $25. Plus, they are very small and compact, so you can go loud just about anywhere you go!

7 – Basketball

Does your friend like basketball? Then you should have thought of this gift from the top of your head. Just kidding, but still. We all know that basketballs wear out every so often, so why not gift him a new basketball? Because it is brand new, it makes it easier for him to practice his handles, and shooting baskets.

8 – Backpack

If you know someone whose backpack is wearing out, buy them a new one for Christmas! Their backpack is all torn, beat up, too small or whatever reason, and while you’re enjoying your break, buy your buddy a new backpack for Christmas so he can return back to school and start the new year fresh!

9 – Gaming Console

We all love our video games, but lets just say that your friend’s current gaming console is old, outdated, out of style, broken, and he wants to get a replacement. How about the Xbox One S? It has amazing games and technology starting from $299, or how about the Nintendo Switch, two consoles in one!

10 – Video Games

How can you have a gaming console with out games? Sure, some of them may already come with Hulu, Netflix, and all of that good stuff, but it’s not a game console without games. There are plenty of games out there that are really trending, like Overwatch, Mario Kart, Call of Duty, and many other great games. So, if you’re planning on buying a gaming console for your bestie, make sure you include some games!


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Top 10 Gifts For Male Teens