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How To Apply For A Movie Room

Elyana Yañez, Staff Writer

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Do you want to host a movie room? If so, please follow these instructions or else you will be completely clueless when you show up at Ms.Lucero’s looking all excited and then realize you didn’t plan at all when you see the requirements.
1. Choose a school-appropriate movie (like Animated Disney Movies, TV series [that are obviously appropriate for school], DreamWorks Movies, etc. Just basically something you would watch with your younger sibling)
2. Gather some friends, if you have any that is, and please make sure you have 10 or more people so that your room will be able to happen
3. Go to Room 36 during your own time to meet Ms. Lucero to let her know of the movie you are watching and to receive a sign up list.
4. Make sure you have a teacher who will host you and your group in their room.

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How To Apply For A Movie Room