• Friday -- Reach for Your Dreams! Two-Piece or Onesie (School Appropriate!) Pajamas

  • Thursday -- Stallions Are International! Wear Something (School Appropriate!) That Represents Your Culture

  • Wednesday -- Team Spirit Day!! Twins (or more!) Dress Alike Day -- we are TEAM BPJH!

  • Tuesday -- Wear Your Stallion Spirit! BPJH Team & Club Shirts, Spirit Wear, Anything Stallion!

  • Wear RED on Monday! Show School Spirit!

  • Family Movie Night is Oct 19! Come Join Us!

  • Remember to Wear Your ID Lanyard at All Times

  • Stallions are Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn!

Winter Dance

Maria Valenzuela, Staff Writer

The winter dance will take place on December 15 and the theme is Candy Kingdom. Tickets will be sold for $3 between the days 12/4-12/8 and $4 between the days 12/11-12/14. Remember that tickets will not be sold on the day of the dance. In order to buy your ticket, you must have your ID, a signed permission slip, and money. Tickets will be sold during your lunch period. Remember that dresscode applies for the dance. After school on December 15, you will lock up your backpacks in the locker rooms. All you will need to go in the dance is your ID and you may bring money to buy snacks. This dance will be extra fun, because we will have a queen, a king, a princess, a prince, a duchess, and a duke. You may vote who should be what once you have bought your ticket.

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Winter Dance