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Choosing A High School

Rese Reynes

Hey Stallions, as you may know, Buena Park Junior High provides education for 7th, 8th, & a few 6th graders.   Soon, some of us will be heading into high school, it’s good to choose where you’d like to attend for the next four years. No pressure, but this decision can affect a lot of your future, from the friends you have, to which college you’ll be in. In this article, I’ll talk about the pros and cons of a few high schools around our area. Please note that I do not know how rigorous each school could be or all of their programs. I hope this gives you a brief  understanding of each school to see which best suits you.

Troy High School:
[I know more about this school because one of my siblings attends] Troy is ranked as 56th in the state of California. In all honesty, applying for Troy is difficult. I’ve seen this process before and it tends to be hard at times when you don’t have the right materials. Applicants for Troy have to test and go through a long process, but I believe it’s all worth it in the end. Going to Troy looks good on resumes and will lead you towards a good college. Although, the four years you’d have to spend at Troy are rigorous and require a lot of dedication to maintain good grades.  This school is a lot farther than Sunny Hills or Buena Park High School. Majority of the students that attend Troy are very intelligent and later become successful. At Troy they provide many opportunities for students to learn something new or get better through their programs. These programs include ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Corp), a plethora of sports teams, AVID, art, theatre, clubs, Troy TECH, and many more.

Buena Park High School:
For short, BPHS or just BP, this school is ranked 244th in the state of California. This school is great for students, even though the number sounds low; some recent graduates are now attending Stanford and Northwestern University.  Although I’m not going to this school, I’ve heard that the teachers are amazing and former students says that they happily graduated high school. Some students say that Buena Park High School is too easy to pass for their liking. BP offers programs like AFJROTC (Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps), ASB, arts, agriculture, Early College, and many more.

Sunny Hills High School:

Sunny Hills is the high school most of my friends will be attending (from what I’ve heard), and some say it isn’t as hard as Troy, but not as easy as Buena Park. It is ranked as 111st in the state of California. I’ve seen the enrollment process, it isn’t as complicated as Troy. Just like most high schools, Sunny requires testing to attend a special program like IB (International Baccalaureate). Former students have very different opinions about this school, saying that it’s trash or it was an amazing experience.  They have programs like agricultural science, AVID, Conservatory of the Fine Arts (COFA), Engineering Pathways to Innovation & Change (EPIC), IB, and probably many more.

If the end, talk to your parents and visits the schools to make your decision.

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Choosing A High School