• Friday -- Reach for Your Dreams! Two-Piece or Onesie (School Appropriate!) Pajamas

  • Thursday -- Stallions Are International! Wear Something (School Appropriate!) That Represents Your Culture

  • Wednesday -- Team Spirit Day!! Twins (or more!) Dress Alike Day -- we are TEAM BPJH!

  • Tuesday -- Wear Your Stallion Spirit! BPJH Team & Club Shirts, Spirit Wear, Anything Stallion!

  • Wear RED on Monday! Show School Spirit!

  • Family Movie Night is Oct 19! Come Join Us!

  • Remember to Wear Your ID Lanyard at All Times

  • Stallions are Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn!

Schedule changes!

Micah Desai, Senior Editor

Hey, Stallions! If you are going to change electives next semester, you will be getting a schedule change. So if you have art and you are going to wood shop next semester, you may discover your classes switching around. Your 1st period might become third period and 7th period becomes 6th. This can happen when you get schedule changes for other reasons as well.

You receive your new schedule on Friday (the 22nd). Don’t forget and don’t get confused, Stallions!

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Schedule changes!