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My Rant About Cold Drinks

As the title said, this is a mini rant about cold drinks, so just a disclaimer. Soo…have you ever been sick (of course you have or else you’re  not human) have you ever had a sour/scratchy throat? Well, if you ever had one then you know that you can’t drink cold drinks (but we all still do it even though it’s not good for your throat.) I’m sick as of right now, so I can’t drink cold drinks, but my friend told me that the Izzy drinks at the snack shack are really good so I decided to try them,  and as always, They. Were. COLD. Yes, I know some people will tell me”ewwww that’s GrOsS”but I don’t care ok, I NEED MY ROOM TEMP. I’m sorry, where was I, yes, so some people might tell me “isn’t room temp orange juice, milk, etc. gross?” and I say, well yes and no, it depends on how warm it is: if it’s room temp- fresh it’s still good, but if it’s warm-hot, that’s gross!  See, it just depends.  Well, that’s all for now. Byee!

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My Rant About Cold Drinks