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Valentine’s Day is a Bunch of Bologna

Elyana Yáñez, Staff Writer

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What’s the point, Like serious

Valentines Day was originally based on St. Valentine, who had been killed after marrying soldiers to their lovers, even though the Roman Empire said no.
How did the deed of a dead saint become a holiday to tell your loved one you care about them with objectified love empty of mean?  If you think about it, how in the world can a simple box of artificial love (chocolates) show your partner/friend/parent/blah blah blah that you care about them. Can’t you just do that in the way you talk to them or spend your time with them? Also, for those without someone to spend Valentines Day with, all they can do is just hopelessly stare at the terrible lovey dovey people who look like idiots but still feel bad about themselves at the same while laughing at them. (*COUGH* Me) BUT, fear not, my lonely companions, for the same day that is Valentines Day is also SINGLE APPRECIATION DAY (WOOO) *crickets* nice :’D
Anyways, whether you got something to do or not on this day, make sure to have a good time and stay positive:P

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Valentine’s Day is a Bunch of Bologna