My Favorite Instagram Accounts

Rese Reynes, Senior Staff Writer

My Instagram following consists of editing accounts, members of k-pop, friends, 3 to 4 celebrities, art, fan accounts, and spams. Here are some of my personal favorites:

editing: @citric.piuicola (pee-ah-ko-la)

The owner of this account is a girl named Izzy, I’m unsure if its short for Isabella. Izzy has a candy style to her editing, she uses bright colors, quick frames, and uses underrated songs. She uses anime characters as her persona and has another account for k-pop- @piuicola

editing: @taeluro

The owner of this account is Brooke and she’s (mainly) a BTS editor. She’s the leader of Calico, which is an editing group. There are also opportunities to become a recruit of Calico. Keep in mind that she is not the only one who is a part of editing groups, and many editors have them.

blog: @catherinebrolin

Her account features photos of her and friends, like me 🙂 She always posts about the drinks she gets on her story.

comedy: @lilmarvel0

Big Marvel is someone you may have seen on your explore page, mainly described as the guy who makes covers with a toy chicken. He also does YouTube videos of $1 v.s $1,000.

dance: @ellenmint_

Ellen Min is a dancer who makes covers on k-pop. She’s the founder and advisor of her dance group, Koreos. She goes to UCLA and in my opinion, she’s a very good dancer.

blog: @dlwlrma

The person who runs this account is a Korean singer, Lee Ji-eun. Her stage name is Iu, she’s very very pretttyyy. She’s my favorite independent singer and posts about her food and selfies.