Fortnite Season 4

Ricardo, Writer

Have you heard about Fortnite? Of COURSE you have, your friends keep reminding you and the game is one of the most popular games right now! If you didn’t know, a week ago, the season pass came out. This is the 4th season that has come out; there are new skins, new areas, new challenges, new sprays, and best of all, NEW DANCE EMOTES!

One of the most popular avatar skins is called the Omega. In order to get the Omega skin you must make it to the 100th tier (a tier is a level in the game). A lot of people like the Omega skin because it’s the villain of the season, it’s all black, and it has glowing orange lines on his body. You can also earn body armor by completing a challenge that is only accessed by people who have made it to tier 100.

Getting to Tier 100 takes time, but it makes you better at the game.  Some people buy tiers with the Battle Pass, but that doesn’t give you any practice.  In my opinion, you can buy the Battle Pass, but don’t spend ALL of your money to get to the 100th tier.  It is just a waste of money, because you can work for the tiers – the game gives free challenges and you can always work for more tiers. So….PLEASE DON’T SPEND ALL YOUR MONEY ON THE BATTLE PASS TIERS!!

So, for those of you who don’t follow the game, the current season, which began a week ago, opened with the long-awaited meteor strike on Dusty Depot.  Everyone was expecting it to hit Tilted Towers instead, and so there is a lot of new stuff so keep a eye out for. There are crystals that you find, and if you consume them, you get lower gravity, which is really good to use to get around.  If you consume multiple crystals, it just adds another more time with that ability.

Fortnite is a free game and you may get it in your play-store. Make sure you have a alarm to stop yourself from playing because Fortnite is a very addictive game, so make sure you work before you game!