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Saloni Kainth, Staff Writer

Since it is the month of October, it’s time for scary content!!! Some of these are stories and some are just scary things to get your mind rolling. Many of these topics are just scary that people claimed to have seen.

-The Queen Mary

The Queen Mary Ship is one of the weirdest, haunted ships in the world. There have been at least 49 deaths on this ship. Two major deaths were of two men that were crushed by the infamous “Door 13.” Other deaths have been just people falling off the ship randomly under the impression of alcohol. People have supposedly seen different ghosts wandering the halls around 3am. There is a lot of evidence proving that there are spirits that linger around the ship. People have felt presences around them in their hotel rooms. Maybe the Queen Mary isn’t haunted, maybe it’s just our minds playing tricks on us.

-Slit-Mouthed Woman

There’s an old Japanese urban legend that is about a woman with a slit-mouth. Her name is Kuchisake-Onna. Roaming the quiet and dark streets in Japan, she hunts for prey which are mostly males. When she finds someone, she would then ask a very simple yet, complicated question. If you answer incorrectly you will be killed, but if you answer correctly, chances are your life will be spared. You may be wondering what question she asks, well she asks whether or not she is pretty. Having a jealous husband and having her face being cut with a knife, ear to ear, she wants to know what you think of her. Her husband told her that no one would think of her as beautiful. It all depends on you and your answer. Even if you are a non-believer, there is no denying that the stories about her send a shiver down your spine.

-The Two Dollar Bill

Have you ever seen something that is not there? Well, the two dollar bill is a whole mystery. On the back of the bill, if you examine closely, you can see an extra head in between two other people. The bill was based on a painting of the founding fathers signing the Declaration of Independence. Now, we don’t know if the head was real or not. If it wasn’t real, why would the painter draw an extra head? Did the painter see something that the others couldn’t?

-Black-Eyed Children

People have supposedly had children come up to them in the middle of the night. They look normal at first, but their eyes later on get really dark. They always try to get in your house by coming up with an excuse. They either ask to go to the bathroom, make a phone call, or want to grab something to eat. When you refuse to let them in, their eyes start getting really dark. Some people say that their eyes put you in a trance and that you can’t do anything. Usually, the children just leave after their failed attempt.

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