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Vape Issues

Janessa and Andrea, Writers

Hey Stallions, it’s Janessa  and Andrea. This week we are celebrating Red Ribbon Week, and we have some facts for vaping and how it affects the human body. I know that you might think that vaping is better than cigarettes but its not. It’s actually worse! One JUUL pod is about 20 cigarettes worth of nicotine! So one JUUL pod is worth one pack of cigarettes. Some vaping has E-Juice that smells like candy which attracts younger users, such as middle schoolers just like you!

Some effects you can and will get while vaping are headaches, nausea, and shaking. Others include heartburn, hiccups, acne. No one wants that! You will feel the need to vape all the time, you get so addicted that when you take a break or try to stop you will get headaches and start to feel sick, and on top of that really shakey. It’s not that easy to stop. I know that kids start vaping to fit in and they think that it makes them look cool, but it will ruin your life!  Especially if you have really close friends that vape, that could ruin your friendship right there. Or family that vapes, that could cause you guys to not be so close. Electronic cigarettes put nicotine in your lungs and bloodstream, and it will irritate the airway in your lungs. I mean, we all need our lungs to breathe so, why do you want to damage them now?

To sum it all up, vaping is horrible and can really ruin your life. It can cause you to lose your close relationships with your friends and family. And your good health will go down the drain. So please, don’t ruin your life with drugs. Don’t vape. You can do so much with your life but when you use drugs you ruin all that.

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Vape Issues